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We're here to :

  • Teach you floristry skills
  • Refresh your existing floristry skills
  • Kickstart your very own business
  • Rekindle your interest in flowers
  • Help develop your creative talents
  • Enhance the professional image of floristry........... and lots more !

A Trip to the Seychelles

Greg has recently been training students from the Seychelles, and here we have Emma, a former Miss Seychelles finalist who spent a week in training in Durban. Greg was lucky enough to travel back with Emma to the Seychelles and spend two weeks training there. As we continue to tell our students on the courses, flowers open up a "world of opportunities".

Some of our Success Stories

Over the past few years we have had many students with very little (or no) floristry experience. Completion of our training courses have resulted in numerous success stories in the floristry world. Here are two such stories……….

Kathryn Ward completed all of our courses , including Bridal over a period of 6 months. She moved to settle in the USA and within a very short time, secured employment as a florist in Florida.

Kathryn wrote recently….." we are settling in nicely in Key Largo, Florida. Our shop specialises in tropical arrangements as they last longer down here in the tropical climate. I am loving it so much. I am so happy to go to work every day. You gave me a great start to it all and I appreciate it so much. I loved your courses ".

Kathryn …….. Key Largo, Florida , U.S.A.

You go Kathryn….Durban salutes you!!!!!

Young, dynamic Tracy Stoffels earnestly wanted to turn her passion into a business reality, and after completing all of the training courses, she now is the proud owner of FUSHIA FLOWERS, a retail florist , with loads of potential in Sherwood, Durban.

Tracy says " With the right attitude, determination and drive ( and a great teacher ) I created my own business, and I am so proud of that".

Tracy ……… Sherwood, Durban

Here Tracy is pictured outside her shop with assistant florist Vincent

Our Students

We try to not only teach you a new skill but also have some fun.

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